Noah Magbual

Policy Intern


Noah Magbual is AAPCHO’s Policy Intern. Noah was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii. As a rising senior at Stanford University, Noah’s pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts in Human Biology. Specifically, he’s focused his studies on health and social policy effects on health outcomes. Through his academics and extracurriculars, Noah hopes to become a physician and serve in underserved communities. Moreover, he hopes to simultaneously be a patient and community advocate to continue the fight for health equity within and outside of the Asian American/Pacific Islander community. At Stanford, Noah volunteers with the Cardinal Free Clinics, a student-run clinic providing healthcare to underserved communities in the Bay Area. He’s worked on multiple conference communities, such as Stanford’s Asian-American Issues Conference “Listen to the Silence” and the Pilipin-x Youth Leadership Conference to help spread awareness of Asian American issues that persist within the bay area and beyond. Aside from his passion for health advocacy, Noah loves dancing with his urban dance team at Stanford, binge-watching anime, spending time outdoors and working with kids.

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