Integrating Voter Registration into CHC Operations – Webinar Resources

Published: October 21, 2014

ACA Outreach and Enrollment is set to begin on November 15th. Preparation for this period is occurring while many community health centers (CHCs) are in the thick of registering/having just registered patients to vote.

The Open Enrollment period is one opportunity that CHCs have to register voters. There are others, and AAPCHO is pleased to have hosted this webinar that will enable its members to identify opportunities in which voter registration may be integrated into CHC operations.

Marc Wetherhorn of Community Health Vote led this webinar aimed at helping AAPCHO’s member CHCs better integrate voter registration into their operational processes. This webinar provided participants with information on:

  • Why voter registration is so important for CHCs;
  • Why CHCs’ voter registration efforts is important in the long-term for the work we do;
  • How AAPCHO’s voter registration process is effective and valuable, and does not violate of state regulations/recommendations;
  • What language can be utilized to better ensure that patients register to vote.

The webinar also utilized role-playing exercises using AAPCHO’s online voter registration tool ( and included a Q&A period.

Stacy Lavilla, Director of Communications, AAPCHO

Jeffrey Caballero, Executive Director, AAPCHO
Marc Wetherhorn, Project Director, Community Health Vote

Webinar Resources: