Best Practices for Voter Registration at CHCs – Webinar Resources

Published: August 19, 2014

The November elections are right around the corner and it’s just as critical now, more than ever, to make sure local Asian American, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander communities are engaged in the political process.

In addition to providing information on how voter engagement programs can be integrated into a health center’s day-to-day operations, this session will highlight some of the tools and materials that health centers may utilize in these efforts.

This webinar, for AAPCHO members, will be most helpful to site/operations managers that will create the voter engagement plan and oversee its activities. As a follow-up activity, each member will be asked to create a plan for its respective site. This plan should include where voter registration activities will take place, staff responsible for conducting registration, completing and submitting registration and contact information, and monitoring and reporting results. Lastly, the plan should include the types of materials/resources that are needed. It is recommended that each member submit a written plan and timeline for implementation to AAPCHO.

Beverly Quintana, Communications Assistant, AAPCHO

Jeffrey Caballero, Executive Director, AAPCHO
Marc Wetherhorn, Project Director, Community Health Vote

Webinar Resources: