What the Health Center Funding Cliff Means to You – Webinar Resources

Community health centers are facing a threat unlike any other in Health Center program history—a looming Health Center funding cliff—a potential 70% reduction in Health Center program funding scheduled to take effect in 2016. In the coming months, health centers will also have to make sure that programs essential to health centers’ sustainability, like Medicaid, remain intact. The funding cliff is a threat to health centers and the more than 22 million patients they serve.

Join us for this interactive session about how the Health Center funding cliff impacts you and your health center, and on what you can do to ensure that community health center funding remains intact. This webinar will provide participants with:

  • An overview of what the Health Center funding cliff looks like and the funding streams impacted
  • Information on how health centers can get involved in key activities, including the “Access is the Answer Campaign”

Isha Weerasinghe, Senior Policy Analyst, AAPCHO

Amanda Pears Kelly, Director of National Advocacy and Civic Engagement, NACHC

Webinar Resources: