Capacity-Building in HIV/AIDS for Medical Providers (CHAMPs)

A medical provider resource guide for creating successful HIV/AIDS Programs for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders in community health centers.

The Resource Guide was designed to provide:

  1. Tools and information to help your organization assess and articulate your reasons for creating an AAPI HIV/AIDS program
  2. An outline of the essential elements or “building blocks” of an HIV/AIDS program

Due to the large file size of the Resource Guide, it has been divided into the following sections for ease of downloading:

  • Preface and Introduction
  • Element 1: Community Needs Assessment
  • Element 2: Organizational Needs Assessment
  • Element 3: Program Planning and Development
  • Element 4: Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Element 5: Implementation
  • Conclusion, Resources, Citations, Recommended Readings, Summary of CHAMPs Program and Endnotes

Hard copies available upon request.