B Activated Resource Guide

This three-part series is designed to give individuals and organizations the skills and knowledge necessary to develop programs and conduct hepatitis B-related policy and media activities.

Part One: B Activated Compendium Highlighting Innovative Hepatitis B Community Models
The compendium consists of case studies highlighting the standard practice of care of six CHCs and CBOs across the country working to address hepatitis B in AA&NHOPI communities. The goal is to capture the innovative strategies used by these organizations, as well as the challenges each experienced. These case studies are not a prescription for success but tools to generate ideas to develop your own hepatitis B services and activities.

Part Two: B Activated Hepatitis B Needs Assessment Report
The needs assessment report explores hepatitis B prevention and care activities that exist in CHCs serving AA&NHOPI communities. The report also surveys medical providers for their perceptions and expressed need for resources to enhance their efforts in the prevention and management of hepatitis B.

Part Three: B Activated Hepatitis B Policy Advocacy & Media Outreach Toolkit
The toolkit is a useful tool to help you in your advocacy and outreach efforts at your local, regional, and national levels of policy and media. A wide-range of information and resources are found throughout the toolkit.