Addressing Nail Salon Worker Patient Health: A Health Center Guide – Webinar Resources

Due to a major gap in federal legislation, known carcinogens, reproductive toxicants and endocrine disruptors are prevalent in numerous nail care products. Nail salon workers, the majority of whom are immigrant, low income women, handle these products on a daily basis, sometimes for 8-10 hours a day. As a result, nail salon workers disproportionately experience significant health issues and health disparities.

Health centers have a unique opportunity to address the health disparities faced by this overlooked population of workers and contribute to local and national advocacy that upholds their health, safety and rights. AAPCHO, working closely with Asian Health Services, an AA&NHPI*-serving health center, that has spearheaded innovative services and work for its nail salon worker patients, has compiled a toolkit to assist health centers improve care for patients who work in the nail salon industry.

This webinar provided an overview on tools and strategies that health centers can utilize to support engagement with patients who work in the nail salon industry and improve their health.


  • Julia Liou, MPH, Program Planning & Development Director, Asian Health Services, Manager & Co-Founder, California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative, Oakland, CA
  • Mychi Nguyen, MD, Internal Medicine Physician and Site Director, Asian Health Services, Oakland, CA
  • Thu Quach, PhD, Director of Community Health and Research, Asian Health Services, Research Scientist, Cancer Prevention Institute of California, Oakland, CA

Webinar Resources:

*Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander