Addressing Latent Tuberculosis Infection: Opportunities for Health Centers – Webinar Resources

Tuberculosis (TB) is a challenging disease to diagnose, treat, and control. Patients at higher risk for TB infection and for developing disease are more likely to present in health center settings who can play a critical role in accelerating progress toward TB elimination. This webinar will address the current national priorities and studies related to increased screening and new TB treatment options. Attendees will also hear lessons learned from a leading health center that has been at the forefront of implementing these proposed new guidelines. Speakers will also provide examples of and opportunities to strengthen collaborative partnerships between health centers and public health departments for TB prevention and control.


  • Christine Ho, MD MPH, Project Officer and Team Lead, CDC Tuberculosis Epidemiologic Studies Consortium
  • Jerry Jew, MD, MSO Medical Director, North East Medical Services

Webinar Resources: