AA&NHPI Health Center Summit 2016 Materials

Materials from the AA&NHPI Health Center Summit in Atlanta, GA on May 24, 2016.

Enabling Services Data Collection Training

Resources emailed to training participants. If you have any questions, please contact Heather Skrabak.

Limited English Proficient Access for AA&NHPIs

•   Using CLAS as a Framework for FQHCs – Jen Lee, AAPCHO
•   CPACS Language Access and Other Services – Victoria Huynh, CPACS
•   LEP Access for AA&NHPIs – Alvaro Huerta, NILC

Emerging Issues in AA&NHPI Health

•   Overexposed & Underinformed: Addressing Nail Salon Worker Health, Safety and Rights – Julia Liou, AHS
•   AHS: A Health Center Responsive to Human Trafficking in the Community – Kimberly Chang, MD, AHS
•   DACA+ & DAPA: How Health Centers Play a Role – Kimlee Sureemee, ASIA

Using Data to Identify Social Determinants of Health

•   PRAPARE SDH Data Collection – Rosy Chang Weir, PhD, AAPCHO
•   WCCHC SDH Data Collection Part 1 and Part 2 – Vija Sehgal, WCCHC
•   Using Data to Identify SDH: Next Steps Combined

Addressing Hepatitis B in AA&NHPI Communities

•   Addressing Hepatitis B in AA&NHPIs Communities – Isha Weerasinghe, AAPCHO
•   Our “Exposure” to Hepatitis B: Lessons Learned – Andrea Caracostis, HOPE Clinic
•   The HIT-B Project: Reducing Hepatitis B Disparities Through HIT – Michael Mckee, Mariko Toyoji
•   Know Hepatitis B Campaign & New Educational Resources – Cynthia Jorgensen, Sherry Chen
•   Hep B United: A National Coalition to Address and Eliminate Hepatitis B – Kate Moraras