Impact of PRAPARE Social Determinants of Health for Community Health Center Diabetic Patients

Research Capacity Building

The overarching vision of our study is to obtain a preliminary understanding of how the use of a national approach to screen for SDH to address underserved patients’ social risk factors using PRAPARE survey can improve the value of healthcare provided to patients and communities, particularly with respect to diabetes outcomes, based on patient-level data.

Vivian Li, Research Manager/Analyst

Chicago Center for Diabetes Translation Research (CCDTR)

The Specific Aims are: 1) To examine the distribution of SDH factors for controlled vs uncontrolled diabetic and hypertensive patients in comparison with the general patient population at one health center. 2) To explore effective methods for scoring the PRAPARE SDH factors for use in correlation analyses, including risk stratification. 3) To assess the relationship between SDH factors and hemoglobin A1c and blood pressure values, including diabetes and hypertension control.

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