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To commemorate National Health Center Week, AAPCHO highlights Community Health Center (CHC) Champions—individuals who are, through big and small ways, advancing the CHC mission.

We spotlight health center staff, patients, and community members, who through their noteworthy efforts, contribute to our member health centers’ goal to provide comprehensive, affordable, culturally and linguistically appropriate health care.

Meet this year’s CHC Champions!


2018 Champions

Dr. Thu Quach

Dr. Thu Quach has been working in public health and health care for over two decades, and currently serves as the Chief Deputy of Administration at Asian Health Services. Her research, service and advocacy work have been grounded in her own lived experience as a refugee from Vietnam, and the struggles her family faced in the health care system. Dr. Quach received her PhD in Epidemiology from UC Berkeley, her MPH from UCLA, and a Bachelor of Art from UC Berkeley. Trained as an epidemiologist, she has conducted community-based research, focusing on Asian Americans and immigrant populations, including examining occupational exposures and health impacts among Vietnamese nail salon workers. She has also worked on community services and advocacy, engaging patients and community members on health and social justice issues. Since 2017, Dr. Quach has been mobilizing around the issue of public charge, and the impact it would have on community health centers and their patients.

Dr. Thu’s passion for health and social justice is what makes her a CHC Champion!

Dr. Richard Andrews

For the last several years Dr. Richard Andrews has served as the Director of Viral Hepatitis of HOPE Clinic, previously serving as the health center’s Chief Medical Officer until 2016. He is also a co-chair of the National Taskforce on Hepatitis B focused on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs), where he has been instrumental in developing a curriculum for teaching a team-based approach to manage chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C in primary care settings. In this role, he travels with other Taskforce members to various sites around the country to deliver the training. Dr. Andrews studied geography at Indiana University, spent some time in the U.S. Navy before going to the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and then to Georgetown University to study family medicine, and completed his MPH and preventive medicine residency at Johns Hopkins University. His other interests include addiction and drug policy, and finding ways to make EMRs/IT more user-friendly for delivering primary care including in management of viral hepatitis.

Dr. Andrews impactful work to address viral hepatitis among AAPIs and other disproportionately affected communities makes him a CHC Champion!

Dr. Mary Frances Oneha

Dr. Mary Frances Oneha has worked in community health centers for 25 years and has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Waimānalo Health Center since March 2012. She received her PhD in Nursing from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, a Master of Nursing from the University of Washington, and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Hawaii. As a community-based researcher, Dr. Oneha’s commitment has been to improve the health of Native Hawaiians. Her collaborative research and publication efforts with other community-minded researchers has aligned with this commitment. She serves on the Boards of AAPCHO, AlohaCare, and is the immediate past Board Chair of the Hawai`i Primary Care Association.

Dr. Oneha’s dedication to community-based research and improving the health and of Native Hawaiians is what makes her a CHC Champion!


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