Eugene Welch

Board Member
CEO/Executive Director, South Cove Community Health Center

Mr. Welch arrived at South Cove Community Health Center in 1998 with a background in finance manufacturing/administration, and had no background in the medical/healthcare field. Before coming to South Cove, he owned a manufacturing company for 15 years. He first arrived at South Cove as a consultant to do a special project for 6 months working directly for the Board of Directors. After spending several months at South Cove, he was offered the position of COO, working on re-organizing the health center’s facilities and systems. At the present time, Mr. Welch is the Executive Director/CFO. His mission is to mentor young people in the organization to assume the responsibility of someday managing South Cove, which now serves over 17,000 patients and does 100,000 visits a year and is true to its mission of serving the underserved Asian community in Massachusetts.

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