Meet the Staff

AAPCHO staff brings a diverse range of knowledge, experience, expertise, and language and cultural competence to the organization.

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Director of Policy and Advocacy
(202) 372-7158
Senior Program Manager, Training and Technical Assistance
(917) 584-2558
Pacific Islander Diabetes Prevention Program Coordinator
Director of Development and Public Affairs
(510) 272-9536
Executive Director
(510) 272-9536
Director of Community Services and Partnerships
(510) 272-9536
Training and Technical Assistance Director
(510) 909-9299
Communications and Engagement Specialist
(510) 671-5054
Director of Operations
(510) 272-9536
Director of Research
(510) 272-9536
Research Project Manager/Analyst
(510) 272-9536
PRAPARE Impact Intern