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Last Updated: March 12, 2018

This page and listed materials are continuously updated as new information becomes available. Visit this page often for the latest updates and resources on public charge policy and AAPCHO Public Charge Task Force activities.

Public Charge Policy Status:
No changes have been made to existing public charge policy at this time. For more information see the resources on this page and/or contact us at


Public Charge Resources


What is “Public Charge” – Recent Articles on the Trump Administration’s Leaked Draft Rule

What to Say to Patients About Public Charge

Public Charge – Preparing to Talk with the Media

  • Are you a health center provider, staff or patient willing to tell your story about how immigration policies or public charge affects you? Are fewer patients coming in for services because of rumors about Public Charge, immigration laws, or Medicaid? We need your stories! Click here for AAPCHO’s Share Your Story form (3 minutes to complete).
  • Whether it’s a tweet, a patient story, or a data point, framing is critical to building a winning argument. Avoid common communication pitfalls by watching Narratives that Reshape the Immigration Conversation by the Frameworks Institute, February 7, 2018 (Marisa Gerstein Pineau, 22 min). Slides (PDF). Hosted by The Immigrant Learning Center.
  • Top 6 Reasons Communications Won the Day on Health Care by Beth Canter and Emily Gardner, Spitfire, August 8, 2017. Lessons learned from successful efforts to preserve the ACA and Medicaid.

Estimate of Patients Impacted and Potential Loss of Revenue

Medicaid and Federal Community Health Center Funding is why community health centers in the U.S. serve 27 million people each year.

  • Here’s a calculator to (1) estimate the number of patients impacted and (2) potential loss of revenue if they disenroll from Medicaid and other health coverage: Public Charge Impact Calculator (Asian Health Services – last updated March 12, 2018)

When the Draft Rule on Public Charge is Officially Released – Tips on Submitting Public Comments

Right now, the Trump Administration is preparing an official draft rule that proposes to expand the definition of who is considered a “public charge.” After the official draft is released, the public will have 60 days to submit comments (so far we’ve only seen a leaked unofficial version).

AAPCHO will alert members to submit as many comments as possible. Numbers count, and so does the quality of the comments. Here are tips to help prepare:

Know Your Rights – Operational Readiness for Health Centers

For more information, contact AAPCHO at


About this Task Force

The AAPCHO Public Charge Task Force is a joint national initiative led by AAPCHO and it’s member health centers and clinics located in communities with high concentrations of medically underserved Asian Americans (AAs) and Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (NHPIs).

The Task Force works to respond to any proposed changes to public charge guidance or regulations—including advocating against any threats to the health access and status of AA, NHPI, and other vulnerable communities that would be disproportionately impacted by any detrimental changes to public charge policy.

We coordinate our efforts with our member health centers and other partners including but not limited to the Protecting Immigrant Families coalition and the National Association of Community Health Centers.


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