Hep B United

Health Disparities

AAPCHO and the Hepatitis B Foundation coordinate Hep B United, a national campaign to address the public health challenge of hepatitis B. The goal of Hep B United is to support local community coalition efforts across the U.S. to increase hepatitis B awareness, screening, vaccination and linkage to care for all Americans, but in particular, for high-risk Asian American and Pacific Islander populations who are disproportionately impacted. AAPCHO is promoting and advancing the Department of Health and Human Services’ national Viral Hepatitis Action Plan to ensure that the initiatives and goals are carried out at the local level.

Melinda Martin, Program Director of Health Disparities
Michelle Ninde, Program Coordinator

Office of Minority Health

The goals of Hep B United and the local campaigns are to:

  • Raise the profile of hepatitis B and liver cancer as an urgent public health priority.
  • Increase hepatitis B testing and vaccination, particularly among Asian Americans and other at-risk communities.
  • Improve access to care and treatment for individuals living with hepatitis B to prevent end-stage liver disease and liver cancer.


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