Emerging Issues in AA&NHPI Health

May 10, 2017

This Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we’re kicking off our latest video series entitled, “Emerging Issues in AA&NHPI Health.” This series takes a look at issues impacting the health and well-being of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (AA&NHPIs) in today’s political climate.

We speak with community health leaders and advocates about how recent policies and actions have impacted AA&NHPIs, and what actions AA&NHPIs are taking to ensure theirs and all communities’ needs are equally heard and met.

Emerging Issues in AA&NHPI Health: Christopher Kang (short clip)

See Kang's full interview below or on Youtube here.

Emerging Issues in AA&NHPI Health: Christopher Kang

In this episode, Christopher Kang, national director of the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans, speaks about the growing political power of the AA&NHPI community. Kang talks about why it’s important for elected officials to take note, and the role health centers play in not only keeping AA&NHPIs healthy but also in mobilizing support for this and other vulnerable communities’ needs.