Community-based Programs & Research

AAPCHO develops programs that are tailored to the cultural and language needs of the population served by our community-based member health organizations. more »

On the Frontline

Our community-based member health organizations provide linguistically accessible, culturally appropriate, and financially affordable primary health care services. more »

Advocating for the Medically Underserved

AAPCHO advocates for policies that give medically underserved communities access to quality health care. more »

Leading Health Information Data

We generate demographic and health-related data that has often been non-existent for Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander populations. more »

Working to improve the health of AA&NHPIs

We provide a national voice to advocate for the diverse health needs of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities and the community health providers that served those needs. more »

AAPCHO is a national association of community health organizations serving Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders

We are dedicated to promoting advocacy, collaboration, and leadership that improves the health status and access of these medically underserved communities.